Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big deal for everyone. Small or large, local or international, almost every business wants their website to rank at the top. We provide the research and tools to help you create winning strategies and measure results.


You need help with your SEO. The problem is finding a company that you can trust and deliver the services you need. Our process is modular and gives you just the right level of service without the fluff.

We take an action based approach that combines a wealth of research with instructive consulting and analysis.  We'll help your company use our research to take appropriate actions in building and optimizing your content.  You won't just get a keyword report, you'll get insights on how and why you may be doing well for certain searches and poorly for others, with suggestions for improvements.

Find bigger markets with keyword research and focused content optimization 

The graphic below is a Google Analytics chart of one of our customer's user sessions from September 2015 to November 2016.  This is just one simple metric, but it shows the kind of steady, organic growth we aim to achieve.  In the span of just over a year, overall sessions increased more than 50%, with some landing pages seeing 400% increase in engagement.  They went from 40 online quote requests a month to peaking at 100 online requests a month, as well as increased phone leads.  

This project involved substantial keyword research and competitor analysis, along with approximately 30 landing pages analyzed and optimized on a quarterly basis.  Their rankings were excellent for some core keywords, but we found related terms and common tradenames that we were able to include in our content strategy and branch into entirely new user search markets.  

Phase one of our consulting services in SEO includes

Keyword Research
We thoroughly research each service or product you sell for a list of direct and related keywords, then work with you to identify which ones are most appropriate for tracking.

This is the foundation of every project we tackle.

Content strategy
We identify content to improve and create that will act as your primary landing pages for products and services.

May include additional strategies for utilizing social media and other content avenues.

Competitor analysis
In addition to tracking how your competitors rank for your keywords, we have other tools to find their top keywords, backlinks, and whether they may be running PPC campaigns. We can even compress and sift through thousands of their backlinks to find opportunities you can take advantage of.

Structural improvements
After all the work you’ve done on your content, you want to make sure your website isn’t hampering your results. We look to improve page loading speed, URL page redirects, SSL, and make improvements in how user' interact with and contact you through the website.

Phase 2 of our digital marketing efforts include

Keyword tracking
We track keyword performance rankings for anywhere from 10 to 500 keywords per campaign, for you and several competitors of your choosing. Each month you'll see a summary of you and your competitors movement among the recorded keywords.

Landing page analysis
Using analytics we build quarterly reports that show how pages have improved or declined in performance, including optional metrics for conversions and use engagement, which helps us focus our efforts where they are needed most.

Content protection
After building successful new content, you don’t want it to be stolen. We perform regular plagiarism detection for valuable content URLs, allowing you to issue takedown notices and protect your property from would-be content thieves.

pay-per-click.pngPPC advertising
Most of our services are focused on organic search engine growth, but some markets are too competitive (especially in certain geographic regions) to rely on organic results alone. Even in a world of ad blockers, PPC still delivers, and we can build focused campaigns to target new customers.

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