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SEO - Search Engine Optimization and Marketing in Roanoke, VA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a relatively new concept in the modern business world, but it's already very important. A lot of commerce has shifted to online outlets, and broadband adoption rates are skyrocketing. Between facebook and twittering what they did thirty seconds ago, everyone is using the internet more and more.

Outside of hitting it big with the next big viral marketing campaign, the two main methods of gaining an online audience are search engines and pay per click advertising. The great advantage of search engines is that your audience is looking for you. They want to find you, so every person that views your website from a search engine or search engine advertisement is a potential customer. This is why PPC (Pay Per Click) ads from programs like Google Adwords can be so effective in generating immediate revenue. 

Many businesses are not suited for the PPC model, so organic search engine optimization is the best bet.  Visual CMG can help you grow your content, supply back links to your website, and ensure your content is appropriately organized and optimized.  Over time, your traffic will see sustained increases and potential customers will be able to find you more easily. 

SEO is a tedious process, and it requires attention to content every week and every month. Results are rarely permanent either - if you're standing still, you can guarantee your competitor isn't. Let us help you build your online strategy.

SEO Disclaimer:

Visual CMG offers Search Engine Optimization as a "white hat" service only. This means we apply only ethical standards in achieving results through content and keyword optimization that is relevant to human users as well as search engines.

Search engine rankings depend on multiple variables that change frequently, including search engine algorithms and changes that competitors make to their websites. Search engines typically refresh their index over the course of a month, so changes made in one month may not be reflected until the month after. If your website has not been updated for months or years, it may take several months for a search engine to re-index your website. The longer a website goes without update, the longer out a search engine will schedule its visits.

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