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E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Applications

Do you want to join the growing number of businesses that sell goods and services online? Maybe you have an older, static e-commerce site and would like to upgrade to something more flexible and dynamic. Maybe you're starting from scratch, and need the full treatment. Our e-commerce add-on can be integrated into any site we build, uses the same browser based tools for administration, and it comes at an affordable price tag!

Easy Administration - Administer your store through your browser - we are Firefox and Internet Explorer compatible. Quickly create products through your browser with our content management system.  No need to know HTML - just focus on what you do best - running your business!

Advanced Image features - When you attach your images to a product, there's no fuss or hassle to size them yourself. Our software automatically creates every thumbnail and image that needs to be viewed, perfectly formatted for your website's theme and design. 

Catalog - Your online store allows categorization of all your products into a searchable catalog. Display this catalog as a grid or a list, and add thumbnails and keywords for each category.

Shopping Cart - Display an open or closed shopping cart that hides itself when empty. Your customers can see their cart total while shopping and always have a quick link to check out and pay.

One Page Checkout - Easy, quick checkout for your customers. Let them check out anonymously, or allow them to sign up for an account with your web site. 

Payment and Shipping - Accept payments through PayPal (standard and credit card), Authorize.net (credit card), check and more. Create flat rate shipping options, or sign up for a UPS account to get real time shipping quotes for your customers.

Advanced Image Editing - If you need a basic image editor to perform color alterations, add watermarks, adjust contrast or more, we can integrate an easy to use Image Editor right into your store software. It requires no plugin downloads or active x controls - just javascript! We've gone the extra mile to ensure that your product images are easy to upload and just as easy to modify. Request a demo.

Fulfill your orders online - View placed orders, notify customers of updates to their orders, and add tracking numbers to shipments if needed. Our system is simple, but powerful.

Call us for a quote, or go ahead and check out the consumer side of an online demo here.

Roanoke: 540-345-2750 or email at info@visualcmg.com