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SWVACenter - Gorgeous Website in Wood Tones

We are proud to announce the launch of the SouthWest Virginia Center website. The SWVA Center was founded by Dr. Michael Breiner and is the area's premier provider of Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care.

High Definition Video  

From the beginning we knew that video was the perfect medium to communicate their message. When we told them we wanted them to be the subject s of the video, they had some concerns about how they would come off on camera.  In the end, both Dr. Breiner and Katheen Gorman, SWVA Centers Master Esthetician, agreed to let us film them as they walked us through the various aspects of Cosmetic Surgery and skin care. Not only did we learn a lot and have a great time, we also captured the essence of what they do at the SWVA Center - and that is the important thing.

Initially we shot nine high definition videos, but there may be more on the way.

Web design and Development

The website was designed by Aaron Post, one of our talented designers at Visual Creative Marketing. The color and texture chosen for the wood background was the perfect choice to set off the imagery and video.  The SWVA Center web project is a classic example of our quality of design, speed of development, and ease of content transfer. 

We created some design concepts in the beginning that didn't really fit the client's business image, but with some helpful feedback from the customer, we built a beautiful design that fit their high end image and grew from the work we had done.

1.) First web design - Image Link - An attempt at a design centered around the navigation for their procedures. Not bad, but we felt we could do better.

2.) Second web design - Image link - A modern style design with stark contrast and sharp corners. It was too stark for the customer, but the layout had potential.

3.) Third web design - Image link - This is the accepted design. By listening carefully we were able to reuse parts of the layout from the second design while completely reimagining it with gorgeous wood tones and images that really stood out. Our client loved it!

Once the design was complete, we converted it into web ready HTML and CSS that could be integrated with our Content Management System (CMS).  The CMS allowed us to rapidly re-use the content from the old SWVA Center website, as well as create a navigation system that is dynamic and easy to use. 


The website may be done, but our relationship with the client isn't over.  We will continue to support their website with additional development and new content as needed. 

Roanoke: 540-345-2750 or email at info@visualcmg.com