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Scott Roley Web Design Example


This is an amazing ongoing project. In the 1970's Scott Roley was part of a small group of aspiring musicians who were reshaping contemporary Christian music. His career was on the rise and things were looking great. Scott had just finished several years of touring with Michael Card, a multi Dove Award artist, but he cut his music carreer short to accept a position as a pastor. Today Scott is the Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee; he is an activist and community developer.

At the time Scott came to us he was getting several requests each week for his old songs. The music predated CD's - all he had was an archive of the original cassettes and vinvyl LP's. We captured over 80 old recordings, transferring them into digital format, removing noise and enhancing the original audio. We have rereleased all of these onto CD's and made the songs available for download on his website, with a short clips of each song, and all the restored album covers and liner notes. We also scanned over eight hundred images from his personal archive of photos from that era.

With the music safely digitized and available to the public we moved on to editing Hard Bargain, Scott's new book and follow up to his first book, God's Neighborhood. We also produced and shot a music video called The Old Man, which he recorded with long time friend Michael Card. The video was shot over two days in Franklin, Tennessee in Steven Curtis Chapman's barn. Hard Bargain will be released in the4 fall of 2009, and we will begin working on several other projects.

Roanoke: 540-345-2750 or email at info@visualcmg.com