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HTML5 and your website - what it means for us and for you

If you're in the market for a new website, your research has probably turned up a lot of buzz around HTML5, canvases, CSS3 and javascript.  HTML5 is simply the new specification for HTML (although it is also being used as a blanket term now for all of these modern web technologies).  It supports a variety of new tags like video and audio tags, while deprecating other tags and attributes.  Many modern browsers already support much of the new HTML5 standard, but there are also different implementations in CSS and some tricky areas when creating cross browser compatible interfaces.  

In the short term, HTML5 doesn't mean much for your website.  On the other hand, new CSS3 specs help designers like us create designs that feature gradients, drop shadows, rounded radius corners and other visual effects with less effort than ever before, and without the help of tedious image replacement techniques. New advances in javascript, especially the growing jQuery framework, means we can build websites with even slicker interfaces without the awkwardness of Adobe Flash.  A framework like jQuery lets us create animations, layer our HTML, and alter the interface dynamically - all this while preserving semantic, search engine friendly HTML.  Adobe Flash is difficult to replace for advanced applications, but it is absolutely dead when it comes to building modern web interfaces. 

When we build your website, we focus on using standard web technologies with an emphasis on cross browser compatibilty and search engine friendliness.  We're not going to put a shiny "HTML5" sticker on your website, but we are going to build your site using the proper specifications, as well as do our best to extend compatibility across Internet Explorer 9 & 10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  We may still use Flash based products as well, but this area of development is becoming a niche rather than the norm.  

If you have any questions about a particular technology you've seen and think would work for your website, ask us about it and we'd be happy to give you our thoughts and recommendations.

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